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Environmental, Social and Governance

Consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors integrated in the investment analysis process is an important part of our investment analysis and criteria. LRC is a signatory of the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investing. We believe that battery technology, the electrification of transportation and distributed deployment of renewable power generation enabled by advances in battery performance cause the investment thesis and anticipated portfolio to be defacto ESG factor rich.

Lithium production contributes to regional development and job creation in remote communities, utilizes brackish non-potable water, engages local communities with social programs, generates material in-province tax revenue and facilitates the availability of electricity in remote and unconnected communities.

The electrification of transportation is expected to cause a material reduction of global Greenhouse Gases on a full cycle basis (incorporating extractive resource production). Charging car batteries is more efficient than burning fuel on a total life cycle basis. Furthermore, electricity generation is becoming cleaner with greater adoption of wind, solar, and hydro that will further lower emissions for the EV ecosystem.

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LRC Portfolio

NeoLithium Royalty

Royalty on the Tres Quebradas brine deposit in Argentina.

Galaxy Resources Royalty

Royalty on the producing Mt. Cattlin spodumene project in Australia.

HiTest Royalty

Royalty on the Horse Creek silica quartz project in Canada.

Sigma Lithium Royalty

Royalty on the Minas Gerais based spodumene project in Brazil.

Core Lithium Royalty

Royalty on the Finniss Northern Territory spodumene project in Australia.

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